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FED Design/Builders

Founded in 1980, FED Design/Builders specializes in design, planning and building quality projects. Our projects demonstrate a dedication to quality craftsmanship and this is our promise to you - a promise you can build upon. FED is well versed in a variety of projects including churches, assisted living facilities, automotive dealerships, industrial crane buildings and versatile metal structures. For more information on FED call (800) 737-3100.

FED Design/Builders

FED is a family owned business - run by the second generation of construction managers - with over 40 years of metal building and commercial construction experience. Our team is knowledgable, dedicated and ready to help you any way we can.

DeVere Dennings, FED Design/Builders Brock Dennings, FED Design/Builders
DeVere Dennings
(989) 246-9125

Brock Dennings
President, Owner
(989) 246-9127

Alisha Grove, FED Design/Builders Becky Fejedelem, FED Design/Builders
Alisha Grove
Accounting Director
(989) 246-9126
Becky Fejedelem
Project Assistant
(989) 246-9122

Jeremy Dicken, FED Design/Builders Jim Gabrick, FED Design/Builders
Jeremy Dicken
Project Manager
(989) 424-0880
Jim Gabrick
Project Manager
(231) 632-5900
Jim Schmidt, FED Design/Builders Shawn Palmateer, FED Design/Builders
Jim Schmidt
Project Supervisor
(989) 424-0945
Shawn Palmateer
Project Supervisor
(989) 424-9617


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